Ruvelis Villas
Why book a villa?

The experience of renting a villa for the holidays of a family, group of people or even a couple has begun to grow rapidly in recent years in the minds of tourists around the world.
The complete privacy and experience of a place designed based on a holiday getaway just for you is an emotion that cannot be compared to staying in any hotel.
Booking a villa makes you feel like another person with a different life…Avoid the crowds and the noise of the hotels and enjoy the peace and the release of the senses!

Best price guaranteed
We assure you that we provide the lowest price on the market at the time of booking.
You will not find the villa during the same time period for a lower price.
all taxes and fees are included in the price.
Please feel free to contact us immediately if you find a better deal and we will offer you a lower price.

About us
Ruvelis villa hosts after working many years in the tourist industry, especially in hotels and having met different people, different cultures and shared experiences with people from all over the world, ensure for the time you reach the island that your holidays will be as imagined and organized.

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Contact us:
Direct message: +30 6971697084 ( Whatsup, viber, ;imessage)

Giorgos Milonas